Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Painted Stairs

I'm finally doing the follow up post to my 2011 post on ripping up the carpet and painting the sub floor of my stairs.  So, when I last left you, my entry way looked like this:

Then I primed them and they looked like this....for TWO YEARS.

And here they are now!

I can't tell you how relieved I am to have this project behind me.  Part of what stalled me is the fact that I couldn't decide what I wanted to do with the stairs.  If you look back at my previous inspiration pics, they are bright with painted runners and numbers.

Sometimes I'm glad when I don't get around to doing a project for awhile, because in that amount of time, I change my mind about what I want to do.  That was the case with the stairs.  It's funny, I had forgotten what the pictures looked like.  After reviewing them, I recalled what was going on around that time.

Pinterest was fairly new and I suddenly had access to all these interior pictures I had never seen before.  I strayed from my true style pretty drastically during that period.  Do you ever look back at past design decisions and wonder, "what was I thinking?"

I ultimately went with a neutral brown for the stairs in Olympic muddy river.  What I love about it: it hides dirt and dog hair and disguises the poor quality of the wood underneath.

A neutral color was definitely the right choice for me.  In an area like this that's a hassle to paint, (your not supposed to walk on it for 72 hours) I wanted something that would stand the test of time.  I like that this color isn't exactly a true brown.  It's has gold and olive tones that change depending on the lighting.  I once read that colors you can't quite put your finger on are the most interesting and I think that's the case here.

Okay, now down to the nitty gritty.  I painted two coats of Valspar interior latex multi-purpose primer (tinted) with a paintbrush.  Then I did three coats of Behr low-lustre enamel porch and patio floor paint, color matched to Olympic muddy river, also with a brush.  I could not find a comparable floor paint at Lowes.  I recommend the low-lustre on stairs because it isn't slick at all.  It's been painted for about 3 months now and we haven't had anyone slip. 

I primed the stair rail with the same primer and finished it off with Olympic One paint in a satin finish.  I was having a problem with the paint rubbing off the rail where it was touched the most.  Look closely at the second picture above and you can see one of the spots.  I had tried polyurethane over the last paint job, but it didn't help.  I think the primer I used this time worked really well.  So far no peeling.

One last look.  A side by side, so you can really see the difference.

Another one bites the dust!  Hoping to rap up some other unfinished projects soon and provide more previous blog post closure for you (and me :)

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