Thursday, January 8, 2015

Deer Silhouette Shirt Tutorial

The girls both requested reindeer shirts for Christmas.  I was already done with my shopping and told them we could make shirts instead.  This turned out to be a really easy and inexpensive project.  I found the template for the reindeer shirt on the left here.
For my older daughter, I wanted to go with something a little more mature.  I downloaded this template to create the deer silhouette shirt.
 I bought two pieces of coordinating felt for 50 cents a piece
and a package of EZ- steamII fusible web with my 40% off Hobby Lobby coupon, bringing the total cost of this project to around $4!
Simply trace the silhouette template onto the fusible web,
*One note:  it was hard for me to tell which side of the web was meant for tracing.  The directions said one thing, but when I went to remove the backing, it was the opposite of what was instructed and I had to retrace.
then adhere the web to the back of the felt following package instructions.  Cut out your traced shapes, score the remaining paper backing, remove, and press your felt onto your chosen shirt.
Iron the heck out of your felt applique until it is secure.  I noticed the iron was sticking to the felt a bit, so I laid a piece of paper towel between the two.  The bond is permanent after ironing, so no sewing is necessary! To be on the safe side, I turn the shirt inside out and wash on the delicate cycle. 

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